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cliche-blog-title asked: Hi! Oh my gosh, I love your photos and thank you very much for the warm welcome. I absolutely can’t wait, definitely counting down the days…er, hours…until I move in! :)


Thank you! And no problem, if you have any questions that you need answers to, feel free to ask me! :)

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Jogues for the week! FDT UDA camp 2013

Jogues for the week! FDT UDA camp 2013

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Palm Trees and Summer Weather. Miami, Fl. 

Palm Trees and Summer Weather. Miami, Fl. 

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Free at last

A lot of times, we fall for the wrong person. However, sometimes we fall for the right reason. That reason does not have to be love. Oh god no. We may fall as a lesson or experience. We fall as a chance to learn how to get back up, be strong and grow.

I fell for the wrong person but for all the right reasons. This person has helped me learn that the first person you fall for may not be right for you. That person may be perfect but he or she doesn’t fit right for you.

The perfect person for you will never be perfect. This may seem like the hardest part of it all. 

However, we must realize we are strong enough to carry on and be happy. Dwelling in the past is useless. Holding yourself back in a pit of sorrow will do nothing for you. It’s my time to pull myself out. This perfect person will not be there for you, only yourself. 

Many times, friends will help you out. However, you will ultimately be the person to help yourself and thats whats most important. That pit was a prison. A prison that traps you when you least expect it. There will be many more like that. But at least you got out of this one. Live in the moment. We can finally be free. Freedom is happiness and I finally learned that today. And i am happy again :) 

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